Frequently Asked Questions

When will your game launch?

  • ASTRO XP’s initial racing game is scheduled to launch in Q1 of 2023

What NFT do I need to play?

  • You’ll need to own a HOLO-V, a futuristic “all-element” vehicle from the ASTRO XP universe. However, you can play while using the free selection of HOLO-V’s.

What are the tokens and rewards to be earned?

  • When a player's HOLO-V passes an A.I. controlled HOLOBOT along the tracks, they earn “Eons”.

Is there a way to compete with other players?

  • Join a tournament! Tournaments are seasonal and are only open for a limited time. During a tournament, players compete with other players to see who overtakes more HOLOBOT racers. At the end of the tournament duration, the top contenders are awarded “VLX Tokens”.

What are the uses or utility of the rewards and tokens?

  • Players can use their “Eons” and “VLX” to upgrade their HOLO-Vs.

What are the uses or utility of the rewards and tokens?

  • With respect to HOLO-V’s, Eons are used for temporary upgrades while VLX Tokens are used for permanent upgrades. Also, Eons are not crypto tokens like VLX tokens.

Which chain is the project on?

  • The game is currently set to operate within the Ethereum Blockchain and aims to be multi-chained across dominant blockchain protocols.

Are there other ways to collaborate with other players?

  • Players can form guilds and tackle certain milestones/challenges together, where each player's performance contributes to the tally (ex. travel 100,000 kilometers). Accomplishing these milestones/challenges will award each member of the guild with Guild Points, which they can trade for ability uses.

Can I “level up” my HOLO-V?

  • Players earn HOLO-V Lazuliths (blueprints) by unlocking achievements/milestones during the idle race. Players can use them to increase their HOLO-V’s rank from D (lowest) to SS (highest). This rank determines the types of permanent upgrades that you can purchase for your HOLO-V. Higher ranks will have access to rarer and more powerful upgrades.

Won’t I get bored with the simple gameplay?

  • The gameplay may be simple but the challenge lies in taking care of your HOLO-V. You should have a plan to upgrade systematically and collect as many tokens as possible to “pimp out” your ride. This allows you to be more ready to dominate the next Skill-Based game.

What Skill-Based game?

  • The HOLOTRAXX Ultimate! This will be a real racing game where you will blast past awesome space terrains and sceneries while battling with other players. The launch date is TBA.

Do you have a whitepaper?

  • Yes! You may view ASTRO XP’s whitepaper here.